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Batteries and battery solutions

Batteries alkaline, lithium, zinc and silver oxide. NiMH rechargeable batteries, lead acid battery selection and custom battery packs.


Premium general purpose

The most popular premium tier, all purpose, portable power technology.

Main applications: continuous high rate discharge, longer life applications such as wireless devices, portable audio and video devices, medical applications, motorised devices and smoke alarms.


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Technical - Alkaline Manganese Dioxide - IEC Code LR

Alkaline batteries are the premium form of the must widely used chemistry manganese/zinc. Generally lasting between 2 5 times longer than the cheaper zinc chloride and zinc carbon, the key features are:

  • Primary, non-rechargeable
  • Higher energy density than Zinc Carbon/Chloride technology
  • Ability to operate at relatively high discharge rates
  • Shelf life in excess of seven years
  • Nominal voltage 1.5V
  • Maximum open circuit voltage ranging from 1.65V
  • Energy density 163 Wh/kg - 398 Wh/L
  • Temperature range -20C to 60
  • Available in cylindrical (eg. AA), battery (e.g. 9V) and button formats.

Main sizes

 ANSI sizes IEC  Other  Example Uses 
 AA LR6  MN1500  Many: meters, pumps, security locks, remotes 
 AAA LR03 MN2400 Pagers, penlights, remotes
 D LR20  MN1300 Torches, utility meters
 C LR14 MN1400 Torches, instruments
 9V 6LR61  MN1604 Smoke alarms, tens machines, transmitters