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Batteries and battery solutions

Batteries alkaline, lithium, zinc and silver oxide. NiMH rechargeable batteries, lead acid battery selection and custom battery packs.

High tech lithium

Power for critical applications

Two major chemistries for critical applications requiring reliable, enhanced performance over long time periods.

Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC)
Lithium Manganese Dioxide

These are very high capacity chemistries capable of working over wide temperature ranges.

Available in cylindrical format – spirally wound for high rate pulse usage, LTC is also available in a bobbin construction for lower rate usage.

Applications are: utility metering,  tolling, military systems, tracking, emergency and security systems, medical devices.


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Technical - Lithium Thionyl Chloride - IEC Code ER

The key features are:

  • Primary: non-rechargeable
  • Chemical name LiSOCl2 
  • Nominal voltage 3.6V
  • Maximum open circuit voltage 3.9V
  • Energy density 650 Wh/kg - 1300 Wh/L
  • Temperature range -60C to +85C
  • Extended temperature range options (-60C to 150C)

Technical - Lithium Manganese Dioxide - IEC Code CR

This is the main 3 volt technology. Although more expensive than alkaline it offers the advantages of:

  • Higher voltage per cell (3V)
  • Longer shelf life
  • Good low temperature performance (down to -40C)
  • In many instances, better pulse and high rate performance 

The main features are:

  • Primary: non-rechargeable
  • Nominal voltage 3V
  • Maximum open circuit voltage 3.7V
  • Energy Density 450 Wh/kg 650 Wh/L
  • Temperature range -40°C to 65°C