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Batteries and battery solutions

Batteries alkaline, lithium, zinc and silver oxide. NiMH rechargeable batteries, lead acid battery selection and custom battery packs.

Silver oxide

Button cells for small devices

Still the main technology for the watch and clock market sectors. Ideal for miniature devices where space is limited and where a flat voltage profile is preferable. 

Available in button format.

Applications are watches and other small electronic devices.


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Technical - Silver Oxide - IEC Code SR

The key features are

  • Primary: non-rechargeable
  • Nominal voltage 1.55V
  • Maximum open circuit voltage 1.63V 
  • Energy density 130 Wh/kg - 450 Wh/l 
  • Operating temperature range 0C to 60C 
  • Shelf life: four years storage at 20C