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Zinc air

The hearing aid technology

Dependent on atmospheric oxygen entering through holes in the cell can for their operation, the cells are sealed with a “tab” and can be stored in this condition for several years.
Available in two variants aimed at analogue and digital hearing aids. Large Zinc Air cells do exist and are used for navigation buoys and fencer applications.
Not suited to medium or high rate continuous discharge 

Available in button and battery formats (9V).

Applications are mostly in hearing aids but there is some use in pagers and other medical devices (9V battery format).


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Technical - Zinc Air - IEC Code PR

The key features are:

  • Primary: non-rechargeable
  • Nominal voltage 1.4V
  • Open circuit voltage 1.68V 
  • Energy density 380 Wh/kg - 1250 Wh/l 
  • Operating temperature range 0C to 50C 
  • Shelf life: two years storage at 20C