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Batteries and battery solutions

Batteries alkaline, lithium, zinc and silver oxide. NiMH rechargeable batteries, lead acid battery selection and custom battery packs.

Batteries for resale

Battery resale opportunity - wholesale batteries

H-Squared is a specialist distributor that can provide all of your requirements for batteries for wholesale.

Batteries represent a widely distributed market category offering huge profit potential to battery wholesalers and retailers. Do you sell batteries?

H-Squared provides:

  • Access to leading brands: Duracell, Energizer and Varta
  • Ranging and sales advice and support
  • Marketing support for catalogues and websites
  • Access to battery stands and displays
  • Promotions and promotional materials


  • Market leader in the UK and worldwide
  • Heavyweight marketing support programme drives brand recognition and rate of sale
  • Unrivalled reputation for quality and performance
  • The ideal headliner for your battery sales


  • Well known brand in the high street
  • Ultimate lithium for high power digital devices
  • Leading rechargeable supplier
  • Energizer industrial for B2B opportunities
  • Excellent range of latest technology torches


  • A brand with a rich technical heritage
  • Well known and respected
  • No 1 in Germany
  • German made
  • Big brand performance, quality and innovation