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Batteries and battery solutions

Batteries alkaline, lithium, zinc and silver oxide. NiMH rechargeable batteries, lead acid battery selection and custom battery packs.

Pocket / Clip-on Torches

Small LED and Conventional Torches for Personal Use

Personal lighting with excellent battery life in many small formats:

  • The traditional penlight - easily carried in a pocket
  • High power penlights - the traditional format but now with light output to match traditional torches
  • Key ring torches - again easily carried but with exceptional light levels
  • Clip-on torches - clips onto caps and webbing
  • Wearable personal lighting - clips onto lapels, webbing, pockets


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Key Ring, Clip-on and Penlights

nexTorch K1, K2 and K3 LED torches are designed for easy to carry, personal use.

They are:

  • Bright: advanced CREE LED technology
  • Rugged: tough aerospace grade anodised aluminium bodies, IPX4, 1m drop
  • Convenient: anti-roll, easy to use twist or tail switch

Feature/Products K1 K2 K3
Light output 40 lumens 65 / 30 / 7 lumens 180 / 75 / 25 lumens
Run time 100 mins Up to 15 hrs Up to 38 hrs
Beam distance 40 m 60m 56m
Battery 1xAAA 1xAA 2xAAA
Modes On/off 3 levels, strobe, SOS 3 levels, strobe
Clip "S" Carabiner key ring Rugged clip for pocket / cap Rugged pocket clip penlight

Wearable LED Lighting

CLIPlite personal LED devices are designed to clip onto pockets, caps, lapels and webbing to provide full handsfree lighting for a range of professionals: police, military, security, paramedic, nursing, cabin staff, gate attendants and many others.

They are:

  • Convenient and adjustable: 1800 rotating lens and light arm, 3600 rotating body on removable clip
  • Rugged: tough nylon construction, water resistant
  • Flexible: independent LED on/off, 10 minute auto-off, strobe
  • Dual LED options:
  • White-White for maximum brightness
  • White-Red for tactical use in low light
  • White-Blue for paramedic use in low light
  • White-UV for security/ID applications
  • Performance: 16 lumen output, up to 50 hour run time
  • Power source: 2xCR2032 batteries