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New Varta Rechargeables

Widest range of ready-to-use rechargeables

Introducing Varta's new range of ready-to-use, rechargeable batteries.

Varta have led the market in standardising on the latest technology rechargeable batteries: batteries that are ready to use from new and that stay charged when not in use. The new range extends this to amongst the high capacities available:

  • AA - 1600, 2100, 2400 and 2600mAh
  • AA - 800, 1000mAh
  • C and D - 3000mAh
  • 9V - 200mAh

Ready-to-use rechargeable batteries save you money and result in less waste. For example, the 2600mAh AA battery is equivalent to 300 alkaline batteries!

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