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Energizer Torches

Energizer torches for the professional user are now available from H-Squared

H-Squared is launching Energizer's latest range of torches, making them available to industrial, commercial, public sector and retail organisations.

Energizer is the leading manufacturer of torches in the UK. Its latest, distinctive range is characterised by its quality, functionality and value with many features aimed at more professional, commercial use.

Highlights include:

  • Very robust designs - e.g. 10m drop survival, waterproof, shatterproof
  • Distinctive functionality - e.g. adjustable hanging cable, combined torch/area lighting
  • Wide range of formats - e.g. pocket, headlight, lantern
  • Many LED options - LEDs never need replacing
  • Wide range of power options - from AAA to D, rechargeable and non-rechargeable

For more information on the Energizer Hardcase, WorkPro, Impact, LED Headlight, Waterproof, Super Charge, Hitech, and XFocus ranges, please contact H-Squared on 01462 815115