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New Warehouse Facilities

H-Squared expands into new warehouse to meet increasing business levels.

Increasing customer demand has led to H-Squared taking on additional warehouse space. The despatch, packing and picking operations have now moved into a 4000 sq. ft, high headroom warehouse adjacent to existing facilities along with the custom packaging operation and all of the stock to support them. The other warehouses are being used for bulk storage.

Logistics Manager, Ian Ward, says "I am very pleased to have been able to move into the additional space and to have been able to make such a smooth transition in doing so. We have been experiencing increasing demand in a number of areas and our facilities needed to expand to keep up. We are carrying more stock to support our key customers, we are seeing increased shipments of pallets and cartons and, last but not least, the demand for our custom packaging services has developed significantly. So much so that we are making further investments in equipment to support this. This move has also enabled us to redesign our operational layout and flow to better meet the demand for high service levels, with greater efficiency."

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