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New Industrial Alkaline Batteries

ANSMANN’s Industrial Alkaline range of batteries have been specially picked for industrial applications with their high quality and high performance in mind.  The standard sizes include AAA, AA, C, D and 9V block (E).  However, as an industrial battery ANSMANN have restricted the supply to the market to purely industrial customers so you won’t find these flooding the consumer market like other brands.

Where using rechargeable batteries is just not practical, ANSMANN alkalines are the perfect solution.  They are ideal for professional users in industry, music events, medical, emergency services, as well as large scale consumer uses such as hotel chains, etc. 

Each of the Industrial Alkaline range of batteries come supplied in bulk, in a handy box, ideal for stowing in drawers or tool boxes.

On the protection side, these batteries are protected against leakage as well as being free from Mercury and Cadmium.  They are capable of delivering the power you need at temperatures between -10°C and +50°C, making them ideal for inside as well as outdoor situations.

With a long shelf life and a great power to performance ratio these batteries are an ideal solution for high volume users.

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