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Smart Stocking Fillers

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Are you unsure about getting certain stocking fillers for your family this Christmas? Luckily we have you covered... Image result for elwis lighting logo

Elwis is a core company when it comes to professional lighting and innovative techniques; Elwis have been established since 1938, throughout the years they have developed new ranges consisting of: Headlights,Torches and Work lights/Task Lamps which are renown for being technically superior.

Elwis Lighting is the choice for professionals and other demanding users who need reliable portable work lights for all purposes. So have a read below to checkout some of our favourite Elwis stocking fillers

TorchProduct name: S8

The S8 has been designed with a unique 'turn to cover' function to ensure complete protection of the Micro USB charging input.The flashlight comes with a powerful 2600mAh rechargeable battery which gives out 4 hours of light at whichever output mode. The torch is equipped with twist focus as well as a luminosity output of 810.

Inspection Lamp

Product name: D2

The D2's design and construction is ensured to allow flexibility and meet demands for a wide range of users as it is very robust; The product has been equipped with fixed magnets and a hook allowing lighting to be fixed or hand-held in various locations. Lastly The D2 has a lumen output of 250 and is equipped with different operational modes to guarantee flexibility in working environments.

Headlight Product name: H4-R

This headlight is equipped with luminosity levels varying from 45-410 due to the products different operational modes. The H4-R is also equipped with red light special function as well as an rechargeable battery to meet the needs of any professional craftsman or outdoor enthusiast.

  • Twist Style Focus
  • Wide beam
  • Adjustable light head