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Lead Acid Supplier Expansion

Lead-acid battery chemistry: (a) during discharging, (b) during ...

H-Squared, proud to be providing the solution that you need.

We have just introduced new suppliers into our Lead Acid portfolio, see products from: Yuasa, Exide, Panasonic, and MK batteries.

At H-Squared we have an excellent technical team, who have the capability to offer you the most suitable battery type for your application.

For more information/ technical specifications please contact: 01462 851155 or alternatively email:

Sectors covered by Lead Acid

  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Golf
  • Mobility
  • Solar & Renewable
  • Leisure
  • Commercial
  • Motorcycle
  • Material Handling
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Utility Vehicle
  • Signalling

Different types of Lead Acid:

  • Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
  • Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. ...
  • AGM
  • Gel Types
  • Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Cranking or Starter Batteries
  • Standby Lead Acid Batteries

Comparing Chemistries

Lead-Acid Battery Comparison: Flooded vs Sealed & AGM vs Gel Batteries

Flooded Vs Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

  • Flooded lead-acid batteries are the most cost-effective option, but require regular upkeep, where sealed lead-acid batteries (AGM and Gel) cost more but do not require regular maintenance.
  • AGM batteries resist vibration and can handle higher charge/discharge rates and gel batteries can withstand high temps and work best with slow, deep discharge.

Access to the most trusted brands combined with the knowledge to be able to offer you the correct battery power solutions.

Yuasa 65-12 - 12 V - 65 Ah Lead-Acid Battery - NP65-12I ("NP65-12I ...Exide Lobby... - Exide Technologies Office Photo | - SFLMK Battery - Wheelchair & Mobility Device BatteriesEnerSys Logo Vector (.SVG) Free DownloadBuy Car Batteries & Leisure Batteries Online - Express Next Day ...

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