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Coast HL7 Head Torch - Gilders Online

Introducing The New SL1 & SL1R From Coast

The SL1 & SL1R is a pocket sized lighting solution from Coast, which has been equipped with key features to allow flexibility for the working professional.

Both the SL1/ SL1R can shine light from anywhere on your body or equipment as it is adapted to: Garments, hardhats and gear as shown in the video. Both The SL1 and SL1R have a attachable adhesive mount as well as a built-in clip mount.

Alongside this, both the SL1 and SL1R are equipped with safety features including a red light mode which is visible from over 1/4 of a mile. The red light mode is equipped with three lighting options: Solid, flashing and turbo flashing to ensure safety within your working environment.

Battery Type (SL1): CR2032

For information on pricing, please contact: 01462 851155 or email: