Helping you choose the best solution for your battery power needs: consulting, design and supply

Custom Battery Packs

Designed for you

Often the best solution is a battery pack designed to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you need an alkaline or lithium primary battery pack, a high temperature nickel metal hydride rechargeable pack, a high capacity lead acid battery pack, a sophisticated lithium ion or lithium polymer pack with built-in safety circuit, or the charger to go with any of these ... please contact us as your partner to:
  • Identify the right technology and architecture to use
  • Specify the pack you need
  • Design the physical and electronic elements of the pack
  • Manufacture samples for your trial and approval
  • Ensure full testing and approval
  • Manufacture for supply chain shipments

Our Credentials

The design of a battery pack creates a partnership between you, the customer, and H-Squared, which eases the commercial pressures of sourcing your portable power requirements.
H-Squared offers you the benefits of:
  • Many man years of battery and battery application expertise
  • Close relationships with over 20 of the leading battery manufacturers
  • Full manufacturers approval to design and supply battery packs.
We have successfully designed and supplied packs and related chargers ranging from the small and simple to the large and complex.

Our experience and expertise includes markets such as: medical devices, electronic instrumentation, communications equipment, military applications, hygiene, oil and gas, contract manufacturing, security, emergency services, transport, consumer electronics and process control.

Why a battery pack?

There are many reasons why a battery pack is often the ideal solution to your power requirements:
  • It offers higher voltages and capacities
  • In a convenient integrated unit
  • With additional electronics for control, safety and indication built-in
  • Fitting neatly into the cavity within the product
  • Fully compatible with the product and charger
  • Potentially an integral part of the product styling
  • Welded connections & connectors offer greater robustness and reliability
  • Safety - sealed packs help prevent abuse and ensure only approved batteries & chargers are used
  • The design can be optimised for cost by minimising material usage
  • The battery becomes one component. There is less to manage
  • Captive aftermarket - ensuring the highest levels of ongoing support as well as a profit opportunity.

What to Consider

Designing and manufacturing a cost effective battery pack solution offering optimum performance is not as easy as you might think.

It is often the case that the power source is considered at the end of the design stage of the appliance itself. However there are many benefits to considering battery requirements as early as possible.

The engineering task must include consideration of:
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Mechanical Specifications
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Approvals and Certification
Electrical Specifications include: voltage, discharge currents, discharge profile (continuous, pulsed,..) , discharge durations, design life, proposed charging method, safety and gas gauge circuits or devices, connection requirements, charger specification.

Mechanical Specifications include: size, shape, appliance compatibility, catches & fasteners, case material, connection configuration, shock, vibration, marking & labelling.

Environmental Conditions include: temperature range, humidity, sealing and IP levels.

Approvals and Certification include: CE marking, military standards, UN transportation testing (lithium chemistries only), safety testing (Baseefa, ExE, UL, ATEX).

We have developed a simple form to help capture the key elements of the requirement. Please complete the form at the top of the page and return it to us.