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65 years of design and manufacturing experience, supplying a complete range of tool quality, portable lighting products for professional mechanics, electricians and other trades.

Danish design - user focused look and feel combined with high quality engineering.
Proven far-eastern manufacturing partnerships to ensure value and reliability.

Products ranges include:

  • Hand torches / Flashlights
  • Inspection torches and worklights
  • Headlights
  • Task lamps

High Colour Rendering Index Lighting

New colour matching worklights and task lamps provide a beautiful, true light for working in natural colours. Elwis has used the latest generation of advanced technology LEDs that give both high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) - above 95 - and Colour Temperature of 5000 Kelvin approximating to warm sunlight. These products are perfect for detailing, finishing, decorating, painting or photographic usage where accurate colour matching is essential.

Highlights include:

S8 - Rechargeable hand torch
  • Sliding focus (wide beam and long distance spot up to 250 m)
  • 2 light modes: High beam (810 lm) – low beam (175 lm)
  • Unique turn-to-cover USB charging socket
  • 2-in-1 charger: 230V + USB and USB car charger included
  • Shockproof from a height of 1 m
  • Supplied with batteries, belt pouch and lanyard
H2R - Rechargeable headlight
  • Wide beam with clear light
  • Adapt light to your purpose (420 lumens and 82 lumens)
  • Separate switches for front and back
  • Red back LED for the outdoor enthusiast
  • Cold resistant PVC cable (down to -40 degrees)
  • Soft pad and high specification elastic strap for comfort
D2 - Rechargeable worklight
  • High colour rendering index (+95) - shows colours as in daylight
  • Directional light with 3 different light outputs (80 to 250 lumens)
  • Flex function (180°)
  • Magnets built into bottom and back
  • Strong nylon hook at top (360°)
  • Battery level indicator – will not turn off without warning
TL2-R Rechargeable tasklight
  • Reflector shaped to give approx. 90° beam angle and bright working light
  • 2-step light outcome (600 to 1200 lumens) with stepless dimmer between steps
  • Flexible light positioning using rotatable clip-on rod
  • Exchangeable battery which can be charged in or outside the lamp
  • Comes with foot stand, hook, clip-on connector/rod, battery and 230V charger
  • Also available: Tripod, bonnet holder, magnet holder, spare battery, charger, hook,