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Headlights incorporating all of the latest LED technology with a range of light, battery and performance options. Features include:
  • Spot, flood - high, low light settings, SOS
  • Standard or high performance white LEDs
  • Red LED options for night vision
  • Up to 300+ lumens light output

ImageBrandTitleCode(s)LumensBeam (m)Run (mins)Batteries RequiredFeaturesLinksCode 1Code 2Code 3
EnergizerIS headlightATEX Headlight7512512003xAAATEX approval, White LED: high, low modes, Red LED: night vision, Green LED: inspection, Adjustable head>SpecATEX Headlight
EnergizerPro Magnet HeadlightPro Headlight200652103xAAATough headlight, Detachable magnetic head, High low modes, IPX4>SpecPro Headlight
EnergizerVision Rechargeable HeadlightVISION RECHARGE40080m4 HoursRechThis rechargeable headlight is equipped with 6 different light modes as well as three different beam modes. The headlight is suitible for multiple applications due to it's unique features.>Spec >MoreVISION RECHARGE
EnergizerVision Ultra HD HeadlightVISION ULTRA HD45080m2 hours3xAAAThis headlight is equipped with 6 different light modes as well as three different beam modes. The headlight is also equipped with a low battery indicator as well as VisionGuard to aid protection.Lastly the headlight has different operation modes meaning it can suit varying applications.>Spec >MoreVISION ULTRA HD
CoastHeadlightHL360491503 x AAAFixed beam, Adjustable head>SpecHL3
CoastDual colour headlightHL4144573753 x AAAFixed beam, Dual Colour (white red), Adjustable head>SpecHL4
CoastDual colour headlightHL44180491503 x AAAMultibeam optic, High-low-red modes, Adjustable head,>SpecHL44
CoastHigh power headlightHL5175562253 x AAAFixed beam, Adjustable head>SpecHL5
CoastFocussing headlightHL273301222253 x AAPure beam focussing, Variable light control, Adjustable head, Removable top strap>SpecHL27
CoastFocussing headlightHL834520711554 x AAPure beam focussing, Variable light control, Adjustable head, Remote mountable battery pack>SpecHL8
CoastRechargeable headlightHL7R240114180RechPure beam focusing optic, Flood-spot control, Dimming control, Rechargeable, IPX4>SpecHL7R
CoastWhite/red headlightFL1437225702xAAAWhite/red utility beam, Hi-lo, IPX4>SpecFL14
CoastWide beam headlightFL60400321653xAAAWide angle flood beam, Hi-med-lo, IPX4>SpecFL60
CoastATEX Headlight250147m6h Run-Time3AAThe HZ025 headlight from Coast is the first intrinsically safe head torch for use in hazardous locations. The headlight is Class 1,Division 1 classified. Class 1, Division 1 is classified as the most volatile hazardous environment. Class 1 is an environment where flammable gasses, vapors, or liquids are present; and Division 1 means the gasses or vapors are present at sufficient concentrations to be an explosion hazard. Typical Class 1 environments are oil refineries, paint warehouses, offshore oil rigs, or spray booths. Thus this product can be safely used in Zone 0 environments.
VartaIndestructible headlightIndest H/Light 5LED352411403xAAAHigh low modes, 9m drop, Adjustable head, IPX4Indest H/Light 5LED
VartaIndestructible headlightIndest H/Light 1W1001001803xAAAHigh low modes, 9m drop, Adjustable head, IPX4Indest H/Light 1W
EnergizerHeadlightVision2003510h Run-time3AAAHi-Lo Modes, Pivoting Head>SpecVision
EnergizerDimmable HeadlightVision HD300508h Run-time3AAAFull-Spot-Flood Modes, Dimmable Beam, Pivoting Head, IPX4, Next Push off>SpecVision HD
EnergizerSmart HeadlightVision HD+40085m18h Run-time3AAAWhite Full-Spot-Flood & Red Modes, Dimmable Beam, IPX4, Pivoting Head, Next Push off>SpecVision HD+
EnergizerMemory Recall HeadlightVision HD+ Focus2508030003 x AAAWhite Hi/Lo & Night vision, Digital Focus, Memory Recall, IPX4, Pivoting Head, Next Push off>SpecVision HD+ Focus
ElwisHeadlightH1365251800/22203xAAAWide beam with hi lo outputs, Tilt secured by unique finger screw, IP44>Spec >MoreH1
ElwisFocussing headlightH333012590/5403xAAATwist focus spot to flood, Hi lo output, IP44>Spec >MoreH3
ElwisRechargeable headlightH2R420150240/810RechWide beam, Hi Lo output, Rear red light with separate switching, Last mode hold on switch off, IP65>Spec >MoreH2R
ElwisRechargeable headlightH4R450260240/510RechTwist focus spot to flood, Wide beam with clear light, Red front light, Hi Lo output, IP45>Spec >MoreH4R
ElwisHeadlightH20020050210/5403xAAALightweight, Adjustable head, Both narrow and wide beam, Red light for night vision, Soft finger touch to switch mode and on/off>Spec >MoreH200
ElwisHeadlightH404051802xCR2025Lightweight, Adjustable head, Wide beam, IP44>Spec >MoreH40