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Inspection Torches & Worklights

Personal / inspection torches with excellent battery life in many small formats:
  • The traditional penlight - easily carried in a pocket
  • High power penlights - the traditional format but now with light output to match traditional torches
  • Worklights - easily mountable wide are lighting for handsfree use
ImageBrandTitleCode(s)LumensBeam (m)Run (mins)Batteries RequiredFeaturesLinksCode 1Code 2Code 3
CoastUV TorchPX100400nmN/A1xAAAppl: Fraud/Counterfeit protection, Leak detection, Security, Forensics>SpecPX100
CoastClip-on lightHX380132252xAAAWhite/UV clip-on light, Adjustable, Magnetic clip>SpecHX3
CoastClip-on lightHX480132252xAAAWhite/red clip-on light, Adjustable, Magnetic clip>SpecHX4
VartaLED PenlightLED Penlight, 166113119601xAAASmooth white beam, Low running cost, Rugged construction>SpecLED Penlight16611
CoastInspection torchG1954281951xAAAPure white beam, Anodised aluminium body, Pocket clip>SpecG19
CoastPrecision inspection torchG2036227352xAAAPure white beam, Anodised aluminium body, Pocket clip>SpecG20
CoastRechargeable inspection torchA8R351960RechPure white beam, Red collar light, Rechargeable, Pocket clip>SpecA8R
CoastStainless steel inspection torchA935266903xAAAAPure white beam, Stainless steel body, Pocket clip>SpecA9
CoastRechargeable inspection torchA9R5422RechPure white beam, Stainless steel body, Pocket clip, Rechargeable>SpecA9R
ElwisPocket torchS7110481802xAAAPocket size, Pocket clip, Shock proof, IP65>Spec >MoreS7
ElwisPocket torchP190190100602xAAARobust aluminium body, Pocket clip, IPX7>Spec >MoreP190
ElwisPocket worklightD0140N/A150RechCombined torch and area light, High Colour Rendering Index (CRI), Adjustable clip, Magnetic base,>Spec >MoreD0
ElwisHigh CRI worklightD2250N/A240/480RechCombined torch and worklight, High Colour Rendering Index (CRI) output., Multi output levels, Flexible mounting - hook + 2 magnets, Battery level indicator, IP54>Spec >MoreD2
ElwisHigh CRI worklightD4420N/A150/360RechSlimline combined hand lamp and torch, High Colour Rendering Index (CRI), Flexible for hard to reach lighting, Battery level indicator, Magnetic base, IP52>Spec >MoreD4
ElwisHigh CRI worklightD6500N/A120/210/450RechHigh power combined worklight and torch, High Colour Rendering Index (CRI), Flexible mount + hook and magnet, Battery level indicator, IP65>Spec >MoreD6
ElwisPocket WorklightP130130N/A7203xAAASlim pocket size worklight, Tough rubber coated ABS body and clip, Magnetic base>Spec >MoreP130