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Inspection Torches & Worklights

Personal / inspection torches with excellent battery life in many small formats:
  • The traditional penlight - easily carried in a pocket
  • High power penlights - the traditional format but now with light output to match traditional torches
  • Worklights - easily mountable wide are lighting for handsfree use
ImageBrandTitleCode(s)LumensBeam (m)Run (mins)Batteries RequiredFeaturesLinksCode 1Code 2Code 3
CoastUV TorchPX100400nmN/A1xAAAppl: Fraud/Counterfeit protection, Leak detection, Security, Forensics>SpecPX100
CoastClip-on lightHX380132252xAAAWhite/UV clip-on light, Adjustable, Magnetic clip>SpecHX3
CoastClip-on lightHX480132252xAAAWhite/red clip-on light, Adjustable, Magnetic clip>SpecHX4
VartaLED PenlightLED Penlight, 166113119601xAAASmooth white beam, Low running cost, Rugged construction>SpecLED Penlight16611
CoastInspection torchG1954281951xAAAPure white beam, Anodised aluminium body, Pocket clip>SpecG19
CoastPrecision inspection torchG2036227352xAAAPure white beam, Anodised aluminium body, Pocket clip>SpecG20
CoastRechargeable inspection torchA8R351960RechPure white beam, Red collar light, Rechargeable, Pocket clip>SpecA8R
CoastStainless steel inspection torchA935266903xAAAAPure white beam, Stainless steel body, Pocket clip>SpecA9
CoastRechargeable inspection torchA9R5422RechPure white beam, Stainless steel body, Pocket clip, Rechargeable>SpecA9R
ElwisPocket torchS7110481802xAAAPocket size, Pocket clip, Shock proof, IP65>Spec >MoreS7
ElwisPocket torchP190190100602xAAARobust aluminium body, Pocket clip, IPX7>Spec >MoreP190
ElwisPocket worklightD0140N/A150RechCombined torch and area light, High Colour Rendering Index (CRI), Adjustable clip, Magnetic base,>Spec >MoreD0
ElwisHigh CRI worklightD2250N/A240/480RechCombined torch and worklight, High Colour Rendering Index (CRI) output., Multi output levels, Flexible mounting - hook + 2 magnets, Battery level indicator, IP54>Spec >MoreD2
ElwisHigh CRI worklightD4420N/A150/360RechSlimline combined hand lamp and torch, High Colour Rendering Index (CRI), Flexible for hard to reach lighting, Battery level indicator, Magnetic base, IP52>Spec >MoreD4
ElwisHigh CRI worklightD6500N/A120/210/450RechHigh power combined worklight and torch, High Colour Rendering Index (CRI), Flexible mount + hook and magnet, Battery level indicator, IP65>Spec >MoreD6
ElwisPocket WorklightP130130N/A7203xAAASlim pocket size worklight, Tough rubber coated ABS body and clip, Magnetic base>Spec >MoreP130
ElwisInspection lightC600 INSPECTION600N/A10/5.5/1.5-2RechThe C600-R is yet another newly-developed Elwis inspection lamp, designed with our new unique battery solution.The compact design also means that all its sensitive components are protected as effectively as possible.In the workshop, full beam (the C600-R is 600 lumen) can sometimes be too bright. We have therefore designed the C600-R with a user-friendly dimmer that can dim the brightness from 15 – 100%>Spec >MoreC600 INSPECTION
ElwisInspection lightC610-R100-600N/A10/5.5/1.5-2RechC610-R delivers nothing less than the perfect working light, illuminating narrow spaces no other working light can reach. This is an inspection lamp that comes into its own in workshops where light is required in confined spaces – a cramped engine compartment, for example. A good inspection lamp should also be dimmable. In the workshop, full beam (the C610 is 600 lumen) can sometimes be too bright. We have therefore designed the C610-R with a user-friendly dimmer that can dim the light output from 15 – 100%>Spec >MoreC610-R