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Lead Acid Batteries

Sometimes known as VRLA or SLA - lead acid batteries are still the most cost effective solution to many high capacity rechargeable applications.

Not all lead acid batteries are the same. The main attributes to consider are:
  • Usage - standby (trickle charge) or cyclic (more complete charge/discharge)
  • Service life (number of years in use)
  • Power/current requirement
Gel VRLA technology offers significant benefits of robustness and thus cycle life over traditional AGM technology.
ImageBrandTitleCode(s)Voltage (V)Capacity (Ah)ChemistryLinksCode 1Code 2Code 3
YuasaValve regulated lead acid (VRLA)NPxx-12, NPxx-66, 120.8 - 65Lead Acid>Spec >SafetyNPxx-12NPxx-6
YuasaCyclic VRLANPC24-12, NPC38-121217 - 65Lead Acid>Spec >SafetyNPC24-12NPC38-12
YuasaDeep cyclic VRLAREC26-12, RECxx-121210 - 80Lead Acid>Spec >SafetyREC26-12RECxx-12
YuasaLong Life VRLA (10-12 yrs)NPLxxx-12, NPLxxx-66, 1224 - 200Lead Acid>Spec >SafetyNPLxxx-12NPLxxx-6
YuasaLong Life VRLA (6-9 yrs)RExx-12125 - 12Lead Acid>SafetyRExx-12
YuasaHigh energy density VRLASWLxxxx6, 1223 - 180Lead Acid>Spec >SafetySWLxxxx
YuasaPremium long life, Endurance VRLA (10-15 yrs)ENxxx-v, ENLxxx-v2, 4, 680 - 480Lead Acid>Spec >SafetyENxxx-vENLxxx-v
Exide/SonnenscheinHigh cylic VRLAA500, A400, A2002 - 121 - 300Lead AcidA500A400A200