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Button and Coin Cells

A wide range of long life button and coin shaped batteries are available - packaged ready for resale/distribution or in bulk format for OEMs:
  • Alkaline button cells for electonic and security devices
  • Lithium coin cells for electronics and security devices
  • Silver oxide for watches and other very small electronic devices
  • Zinc air for hearing aids and other in-the-ear devices
ImageBrandTitleCode(s)Voltage (V)Capacity (mAh)ChemistryLinksCode 1Code 2Code 3
EnergizerAlkaline button rangeLR44, LR431.5See datasheetsAlkaline LR44LR43
EnergizerLithium coin rangeCRxxxx3See datasheetsLithium Manganese Dioxide CRxxxx
EnergizerHearing aid675, 312, 13, 101.4See datasheetsZinc Air 67531213, 10
EnergizerSilver oxide button rangeSRxx1.55See datasheetsSilver Oxide SRxx
DuracellAlkaline buttonLR441.5See datasheetsAlkaline LR44
DuracellLithium coin rangeCR2032, CR2025, CR20163See datasheetsLithium Manganese Dioxide CR2032CR2025CR2016
DuracellHearing aid rangeEasytab, 675, 3121.4See datasheetsZinc Air Easytab675312
GP BatteriesLithium coin rangeCRxxxx3See datasheetsLithium Manganese DioxideCRxxxx
GP BatteriesAlkaline button rangeLR44, GPA76, PX625A1.5See datasheetsAlkalineLR44GPA76PX625A
VartaLithium coin cellsCRXXXX3See datasheetsLithium Manganese DioxideCRXXXX
VartaAlkaline button cellsV10GA, V13GA, V625U1.5See datasheetsAlkalineV10GAV13GAV625U
VartaSilver oxide cellsV357, V386, V3931.55See datasheetsSilver OxideV357V386V393
EVELiMnO2 Coin CellsCRxxxx3See datasheetsLithium Manganese DioxideCRxxxx

Code Guide

IECOther CodesOther Sizes
LR e.g. LR44AG13 (LR44)LR54, LR41
CR e.g. CR2032GPCR2032, DL2032CR1620, 2016, 2025, 2430, 2450
SR e.g. SR44357, DL357 (both SR44)SR41 (384), SR43 (386), SR54 (389)
PR e.g. PR44675 (PR44)PR48 (13), PR41 (312), PR70 (10, 230)