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Specialist Alkaline & Zinc

There are many specialist single use batteries for less common applications;
  • Special size alkaline batteries for electronics and security devices
  • Large alkaline and zinc batteries for lighting applications
ImageBrandTitleCode(s)Voltage (V)Capacity (mAh)ChemistryLinksCode 1Code 2Code 3
DuracellMN9100N, LR1, MN91001.5800Alkaline NLR1MN9100
DuracellMN21MN211233Alkaline MN21
Duracell7K67J, 4LR61, 7K676500Alkaline J4LR617K67
EnergizerAD283R25, AD284.5Zinc Carbon/Chloride3R25AD28
EnergizerPJ996/4R254R25, 996, PJ9966See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride 4R25996PJ996
EnergizerPP96F100, PP995000Zinc Carbon/Chloride 6F100PP9
EnergizerA238LR392, MN21, A231255Alkaline 8LR392MN21A23
EnergizerA27A271222Alkaline A27
EnergizerA5444LR44, PX28A, A5446178Alkaline 4LR44PX28AA544
EnergizerLR1 /ENN, LR1, MN91001.5See datasheetAlkaline NLR1MN9100
Energizer3LR12 /EN MAX3LR12, MN12034.5See datasheetAlkaline 3LR12MN1203
EnergizerLR61LR61, E961.5See datasheetAlkaline LR61E96

Choosing the right battery

  • 1.5V, 4.5V, 6V and 12V output
  • Code: LR
  • Alkaline will always outperform the equivalent zinc battery
  • 4.5V, 6V and 12V output
  • Code: R 
  • Ideal where performance is not important