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Standard Batteries

A, AAA, C, D and 9V Batteries

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Industrial Alkaline Batteries

Industrial Alkaline batteries are designed and packaged to meet the needs of professional, B2B usage. Robust, reliable performance in a wide range of applications and usage. Leading examples include:
  • Procell by Duracell
  • Varta Industrial Pro
  • Panasonic Powerline
  • Energizer Industrial
  • VIPRO Industrial Alkaline

Standard Battery Variants

The majority of battery usage is covered by just 5 sizes: AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. Several chemistry variants are available, each suited to different circumstances.
  • Alkaline batteries (coded LRxx) are the most widely used, and operate well across the full range of loads
  • Industrial Alkaline batteries (e.g. Procell by Duracell, Energizer Industrial and Varta Industrial) are designed and packaged to meet the needs of professional, B2B usage.
  • High power Alkaline variants offer enhanced performance under high power loads
    • e.g. Duracell Ultra Power, Energizer Max Plus, Varta Longlife Max Power
  • AA, AAA and 9V Lithium batteries offer the best performance under high power / high pulse loads and at low temperatures
    • e.g. Energizer Ultimate Lithium
  • ​Standard size rechargeble batteries have improved significantly.
    • ​Most are pre-charged when new and stay charged when not in use.
    • Remember that rechargeable battery performance is not just about capacity. Higher capacities tend to be traded off against cycle life and robustness to overcharging and discharging.
  • Zinc batteries (coded Rxx) are for lower power devices where performance is not important

Specialist Alkaline and Zinc Batteries

There are many specialist, single use batteries for less common applications:
  • Special size alkaline batteries for electronics and security devices (e.g. LR1, MN21)
  • Large alkaline and zinc batteries for lighting applications (e.g. 4LR25, 4R25, AD28)

Button and Coin Cells

A wide range of long life button and coin shaped batteries are available - packaged ready for resale/distribution or in bulk format for manufacturers:
  • Alkaline button cells for electronic and security devices (e.g. LR44)
  • Lithium coin cells for electronics and security devices (e.g. CR2032, CR2015, CR2016)
  • Silver oxide button cells for watches and other very small devices (e.g. SR44)
  • Zinc-air button cells for hearing aids and other in-the-ear devices (e.g. 675, 312, 13, 10)
ImageBrandTitleCode(s)Voltage (V)Capacity (mAh)ChemistryLinksCode 1Code 2Code 3
ProcellPC1500AA, LR6, PC15001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreAALR6PC1500
ProcellPC2400AAA, LR03, PC24001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreAAALR03PC2400
ProcellPC1300D, LR20, PC13001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreDLR20PC1300
ProcellPC1400C, LR14, PC14001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreCLR14PC1400
ProcellPC16049V, 6LF22, PC16049See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >More9V6LF22PC1604
ProcellPC2016 P5CR20163VSee DatasheetLithium>Spec >SafetyCR2016
ProcellPC2025 P5CR20253VSee DatasheetLithium>Spec >SafetyCR2025
ProcellPC2032 P5CR20323VSee DatasheetLithium>Spec >SafetyCR2032
EnergizerAA IndustrialAA, LR61.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreAALR6
EnergizerAAA IndustrialAAA, LR031.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreAAALR03
EnergizerC IndustrialC, LR141.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreCLR14
EnergizerD IndustrialD, LR201.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreDLR20
Energizer9V Industrial9V, 6LR619See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >More9V6LR61
EnergizerLithium AAAA, FR6, L911.5See datasheetLithium Iron Disulphide>Spec >SafetyAAFR6L91
EnergizerLithium AAAAAA, FR03, L921.5See datasheetLithium Iron Disulphide>Spec >SafetyAAAFR03L92
Panasonic PowerlineLR6ADAA, LR61.5See datasheetAlkaline>SpecAALR6
Panasonic PowerlineLR03ADAAA, LR031.5See datasheetAlkaline>SpecAAALR03
Panasonic PowerlineLR14ADC, LR141.5See datasheetAlkaline>SpecCLR14
Panasonic PowerlineLR20ADD, LR201.5See datasheetAlkaline>SpecDLR20
Panasonic Powerline6LR61AD9V, 6LR619See datasheetAlkaline>Spec9V6LR61
Varta4006AA, LR6, 40061.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAALR64006
Varta4003AAA, LR03, 40031.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAAALR034003
Varta4014C, LR14, 40141.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyCLR144014
Varta4020D, LR20, 40201.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyDLR204020
Varta40229V, 6LR61, 40229See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety9V6LR614022
Duracell PlusMN1500 +/PWRAA, LR6, MN1500 +/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAALR6MN1500 +/PWR
Duracell PlusMN2400 +/PWRAAA, LR03, MN2400 +/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAAALR03MN2400 +/PWR
Duracell PlusMN1400 +/PWRC, LR14, MN1400 +/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyCLR14MN1400 +/PWR
Duracell PlusMN1300 +/PWRD, LR20, MN1300 +/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyDLR20MN1300 +/PWR
Duracell PlusMN1604 +/PWR9V, 6LF22, MN1604 +/PWR9See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety9V6LF22MN1604 +/PWR
Duracell UltraMN1500 U/PWRAA, LR6, MN1500 U/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAALR6MN1500 U/PWR
Duracell UltraMN2400 U/PWRAAA, LR03, MN2400 U/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAAALR03MN2400 U/PWR
Duracell UltraMN1400 U/PWRC, LR14, MN1400 U/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyCLR14MN1400 U/PWR
Duracell UltraMN1300 U/PWRD, LR20, MN1300 U/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyDLR20MN1300 U/PWR
Duracell UltraMN1604 U/PWR9V, 6LR61, MN1604 U/PWR9See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety9V6LR61MN1604 U/PWR
Varta4906 Longlife PowerAA, LR6, 49061.5See datasheetAlkalineAALR64906
Varta4903 Longlife PowerAAA, LR03, 49031.5See datasheetAlkalineAAALR034903
Varta4914 Longlife PowerC, LR14, 49141.5See datasheetAlkalineCLR144914
Varta4920 Longlife PowerD, LR20, 49201.5See datasheetAlkalineDLR204920
Varta4922 Longlife Power9V, 6LP3146, 49229See datasheetAlkaline9V6LP31464922
Varta4106 LonglifeAA, LR6, 41061.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAALR64106
Varta4103 LonglifeAAA, LR03, 41031.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAAALR034103
Varta4114 LonglifeC, LR14, 41141.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyCLR144114
Varta4120 LonglifeD, LR20, 41201.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyDLR204120
Varta4122 Longlife9V, 6LP3146, 41229See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety9V6LP31464122
Varta2006 SuperlifeAA, R6, 20061.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyAAR62006
Varta2003 SuperlifeAAA, R03, 20031.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyAAAR032003
Varta2014 SuperlifeC, R14, 20141.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyCR142014
Varta2020 SuperlifeD, R20, 20201.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyDR202020
Varta2022 Superlife9V, 6F22, 20229See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >Safety9V6F222022
GP BatteriesGreencell RangeAA, AAA, C, D, 9V1.5, 9See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyAA, AAAC, D9V
EnergizerSHD R6AA, R61.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyAAR6
EnergizerSHD R03AAA, R031.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyAAAR03
EnergizerSHD R20D, R201.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyDR20
EnergizerSHD R14C, R141.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyCR14
EnergizerSHD 6F229V, 6F22, PP39See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >Safety9V6F22PP3
DuracellMN9100N, LR1, MN91001.5800Alkaline>Spec >SafetyNLR1MN9100
DuracellMN21MN211233Alkaline>Spec >SafetyMN21
EnergizerPJ996/4R254R25, 996, PJ9966See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >Safety4R25996PJ996
EnergizerPP96F100, PP995000Zinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >Safety6F100PP9
EnergizerA238LR392, MN21, A231255Alkaline>Spec >Safety8LR392MN21A23
EnergizerA27A271222Alkaline>Spec >SafetyA27
EnergizerLR1 /ENN, LR1, MN91001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyNLR1MN9100
Energizer3LR12 /EN MAX3LR12, MN12034.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety3LR12MN1203
EnergizerLR61LR61, E961.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR61E96
EnergizerAlkaline button rangeLR44, LR431.5See datasheetsAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR44LR43
EnergizerLithium coin rangeCRxxxx3See datasheetsLithium Manganese Dioxide>Spec >SafetyCRxxxx
EnergizerHearing aid675, 312, 13, 101.4See datasheetsZinc Air>Spec >Safety67531213, 10
EnergizerSilver oxide button rangeSRxx1.55See datasheetsSilver Oxide>Spec >SafetySRxx
DuracellAlkaline buttonLR441.5See datasheetsAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR44
DuracellLithium coin rangeCR2032, CR2025, CR20163See datasheetsLithium Manganese Dioxide>Spec >SafetyCR2032CR2025CR2016
DuracellHearing aid rangeEasytab, 675, 3121.4See datasheetsZinc Air>Spec >SafetyEasytab675312
DuracellSilver oxideD357, SR441.55See datasheetSilver Oxide>Spec >SafetyD357SR44
GP BatteriesLithium coin rangeCRxxxx3See datasheetsLithium Manganese Dioxide>MoreCRxxxx
GP BatteriesAlkaline button rangeLR44, GPA76, PX625A1.5See datasheetsAlkalineLR44GPA76PX625A
DuracellPrecharged AAAA, HR61.22500Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyAAHR6
DuracellPrecharged AAAAAA, HR031.2900Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyAAAHR03
DuracellHR14C, HR141.23000Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyCHR14
DuracellHR20D, HR201.23000Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyDHR20
DuracellHR9V9V, HR9V, HR228.4170Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >Safety9VHR9VHR22
EnergizerPowerplus AAAA, HR61.22000Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >Safety >MoreAAHR6
EnergizerPowerplus AAAAAA, HR031.2700Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyAAAHR03
EnergizerPowerplus CC, HR141.22500Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >Safety >MoreCHR14
EnergizerPowerplus DD, HR201.22500Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >Safety >MoreDHR20
EnergizerPowerplus 9V9V, HR228.4175Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >Safety >More9VHR22
EnergizerExtreme AAAA, HR61.22300Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >Safety >MoreAAHR6
EnergizerExtreme AAAAAA, HR031.2800Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >Safety >MoreAAAHR03
GP BatteriesPrecharged rechargeable batteries, Long cycle lifeHRxx1.2200 - 5700mAhNickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>MoreHRxx
EnergizerMAX AALR6, AA1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreLR6AA
EnergizerMAX AAALR03, AAA1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreLR03AAA
EnergizerMAX CLR14, C1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreLR14C
EnergizerMAX DLR20, D1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreLR20D
EnergizerMAX 9V6LR61, 9V9VSee datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >More6LR619V
EnergizerAA Max PlusLR6, AA1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreLR6AA
EnergizerAAA Max PlusLR03, AAA1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreLR03AAA
EnergizerC Max PlusLR14, C1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreLR14C
EnergizerD Max PlusLR20, D1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreLR20D
Energizer9V Max Plus6LR61, 9V9VSee datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >More6LR619V
VIProVIPro LR6AA, LR6, ID15001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreAALR6ID1500
VIProVIPro LR03AAA, LR03, ID24001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreAAALR03ID2400
VIProVIPro LR14C, LR14, ID14001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreCLR14ID1400
VIProVIPro LR20D, LR20, ID13001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreDLR20ID1300
VIProVIPro 6LR619V, 6LR61, ID16049See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >More9V6LR61ID1604
Varta4703 Longlife Max PowerAAA, 47031.5AlkalineAAA, 4703
Varta4706 Longlife Max PowerAA,47061.5AlkalineAA,4706
Varta4714 Longlife Max PowerC,47171.5AlkalineC,4717
Varta4720 Longlife Max PowerD,47201.5AlkalineD,4720
Varta4722 Longlife Max Power9V,47229VAlkaline9V,4722
Varta56714 Recharge ACCU PowerC1.53000Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)C
Varta56720 Recharge ACCU PowerD1.53000Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)D
Varta56722 Recharge ACCU Power9V9200Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)9V
Varta56703 Recharge ACCU PowerAAA1.5800Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)AAA
Varta56706 Recharge ACCU PowerAA1.52200Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)AA
ProcellIPC1500AA1.5Alkaline>Spec >SafetyAA
ProcellIPC1400C1.5Alkaline>Spec >SafetyC
ProcellIPC1300D1.5Alkaline>Spec >SafetyD

Battery size guide

ANSI SizesIEC CodeOtherExample Uses
AALR6MN1500Meters, pumps, security locks, remote controls
AAALR03MN2400Pagers, penlights, remote controls
CLR14MN1400Torches, instruments
DLR20MN1300Torches, instruments
9V6LR61, 6LP3146, 6LF22MN1604Smoke detectors