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Standard Batteries

A, AAA, C, D and 9V Batteries

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Industrial Alkaline Batteries

Industrial Alkaline batteries are designed and packaged to meet the needs of professional, B2B usage. Robust, reliable performance in a wide range of applications and usage. Leading examples include:
  • Procell by Duracell
  • Varta Industrial Pro
  • Panasonic Powerline
  • Energizer Industrial
  • VIPRO Industrial Alkaline

Standard Battery Variants

The majority of battery usage is covered by just 5 sizes: AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. Several chemistry variants are available, each suited to different circumstances.
  • Alkaline batteries (coded LRxx) are the most widely used, and operate well across the full range of loads
  • Industrial Alkaline batteries (e.g. Procell by Duracell, Energizer Industrial and Varta Industrial) are designed and packaged to meet the needs of professional, B2B usage.
  • High power Alkaline variants offer enhanced performance under high power loads
    • e.g. Duracell Ultra Power, Energizer Max Plus, Varta Longlife Max Power
  • AA, AAA and 9V Lithium batteries offer the best performance under high power / high pulse loads and at low temperatures
    • e.g. Energizer Ultimate Lithium
  • ​Standard size rechargeble batteries have improved significantly.
    • ​Most are pre-charged when new and stay charged when not in use.
    • Remember that rechargeable battery performance is not just about capacity. Higher capacities tend to be traded off against cycle life and robustness to overcharging and discharging.
  • Zinc batteries (coded Rxx) are for lower power devices where performance is not important

Specialist Alkaline and Zinc Batteries

There are many specialist, single use batteries for less common applications:
  • Special size alkaline batteries for electronics and security devices (e.g. LR1, MN21)
  • Large alkaline and zinc batteries for lighting applications (e.g. 4LR25, 4R25, AD28)

Button and Coin Cells

A wide range of long life button and coin shaped batteries are available - packaged ready for resale/distribution or in bulk format for manufacturers:
  • Alkaline button cells for electronic and security devices (e.g. LR44)
  • Lithium coin cells for electronics and security devices (e.g. CR2032, CR2015, CR2016)
  • Silver oxide button cells for watches and other very small devices (e.g. SR44)
  • Zinc-air button cells for hearing aids and other in-the-ear devices (e.g. 675, 312, 13, 10)
ImageBrandTitleCode(s)Voltage (V)Capacity (mAh)ChemistryLinksCode 1Code 2Code 3
Industrial by DuracellID2400AAA, LR03, ID24001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAAALR03ID2400
Duracell ProcellPC1500AA, LR6, PC15001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreAALR6PC1500
Duracell ProcellPC2400AAA, LR03, PC24001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreAAALR03PC2400
Duracell ProcellPC1300D, LR20, PC13001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreDLR20PC1300
Duracell ProcellPC1400C, LR14, PC14001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreCLR14PC1400
Duracell ProcellPC16049V, 6LF22, PC16049See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >More9V6LF22PC1604
EnergizerAA IndustrialAA, LR61.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAALR6
EnergizerAAA IndustrialAAA, LR031.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAAALR03
EnergizerC IndustrialC, LR141.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyCLR14
EnergizerD IndustrialD, LR201.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyDLR20
Energizer9V Industrial9V, 6LR619See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety9V6LR61
EnergizerLithium AAAA, FR6, L911.5See datasheetLithium Iron Disulphide>Spec >SafetyAAFR6L91
EnergizerLithium AAAAAA, FR03, L921.5See datasheetLithium Iron Disulphide>Spec >SafetyAAAFR03L92
Panasonic PowerlineLR6ADAA, LR61.5See datasheetAlkaline>SpecAALR6
Panasonic PowerlineLR03ADAAA, LR031.5See datasheetAlkaline>SpecAAALR03
Panasonic PowerlineLR14ADC, LR141.5See datasheetAlkaline>SpecCLR14
Panasonic PowerlineLR20ADD, LR201.5See datasheetAlkaline>SpecDLR20
Panasonic Powerline6LR61AD9V, 6LR619See datasheetAlkaline>Spec9V6LR61
Varta4006AA, LR6, 40061.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAALR64006
Varta4003AAA, LR03, 40031.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAAALR034003
Varta4014C, LR14, 40141.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyCLR144014
Varta4020D, LR20, 40201.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyDLR204020
Varta40229V, 6LR61, 40229See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety9V6LR614022
Duracell PlusMN1500 +/PWRAA, LR6, MN1500 +/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAALR6MN1500 +/PWR
Duracell PlusMN2400 +/PWRAAA, LR03, MN2400 +/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAAALR03MN2400 +/PWR
Duracell PlusMN1400 +/PWRC, LR14, MN1400 +/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyCLR14MN1400 +/PWR
Duracell PlusMN1300 +/PWRD, LR20, MN1300 +/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyDLR20MN1300 +/PWR
Duracell PlusMN1604 +/PWR9V, 6LF22, MN1604 +/PWR9See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety9V6LF22MN1604 +/PWR
Duracell UltraMN1500 U/PWRAA, LR6, MN1500 U/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAALR6MN1500 U/PWR
Duracell UltraMN2400 U/PWRAAA, LR03, MN2400 U/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAAALR03MN2400 U/PWR
Duracell UltraMN1400 U/PWRC, LR14, MN1400 U/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyCLR14MN1400 U/PWR
Duracell UltraMN1300 U/PWRD, LR20, MN1300 U/PWR1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyDLR20MN1300 U/PWR
Duracell UltraMN1604 U/PWR9V, 6LR61, MN1604 U/PWR9See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety9V6LR61MN1604 U/PWR
Varta4906 Hi EngAA, LR6, 49061.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAALR64906
Varta4903 Hi EngAAA, LR03, 49031.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAAALR034903
Varta4914 Hi EngC, LR14, 49141.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyCLR144914
Varta4920 Hi EngD, LR20, 49201.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyDLR204920
Varta4106 LonglifeAA, LR6, 41061.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAALR64106
Varta4103 LonglifeAAA, LR03, 41031.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAAALR034103
Varta4114 LonglifeC, LR14, 41141.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyCLR144114
Varta4120 LonglifeD, LR20, 41201.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyDLR204120
Varta4122 Longlife9V, 6LP3146, 41229See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety9V6LP31464122
Varta2006 SuperlifeAA, R6, 20061.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyAAR62006
Varta2003 SuperlifeAAA, R03, 20031.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyAAAR032003
Varta2014 SuperlifeC, R14, 20141.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyCR142014
Varta2020 SuperlifeD, R20, 20201.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyDR202020
Varta2022 Superlife9V, 6F22, 20229See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >Safety9V6F222022
GP BatteriesGreencell RangeAA, AAA, C, D, 9V1.5, 9See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyAA, AAAC, D9V
EnergizerSHD R6AA, R61.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyAAR6
EnergizerSHD R03AAA, R031.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyAAAR03
EnergizerSHD R20D, R201.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyDR20
EnergizerSHD R14C, R141.5See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >SafetyCR14
EnergizerSHD 6F229V, 6F22, PP39See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >Safety9V6F22PP3
DuracellMN9100N, LR1, MN91001.5800Alkaline>Spec >SafetyNLR1MN9100
DuracellMN21MN211233Alkaline>Spec >SafetyMN21
EnergizerPJ996/4R254R25, 996, PJ9966See datasheetZinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >Safety4R25996PJ996
EnergizerPP96F100, PP995000Zinc Carbon/Chloride>Spec >Safety6F100PP9
EnergizerA238LR392, MN21, A231255Alkaline>Spec >Safety8LR392MN21A23
EnergizerA27A271222Alkaline>Spec >SafetyA27
EnergizerLR1 /ENN, LR1, MN91001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyNLR1MN9100
Energizer3LR12 /EN MAX3LR12, MN12034.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety3LR12MN1203
EnergizerLR61LR61, E961.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR61E96
EnergizerAlkaline button rangeLR44, LR431.5See datasheetsAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR44LR43
EnergizerLithium coin rangeCRxxxx3See datasheetsLithium Manganese Dioxide>Spec >SafetyCRxxxx
EnergizerHearing aid675, 312, 13, 101.4See datasheetsZinc Air>Spec >Safety67531213, 10
EnergizerSilver oxide button rangeSRxx1.55See datasheetsSilver Oxide>Spec >SafetySRxx
DuracellAlkaline buttonLR441.5See datasheetsAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR44
DuracellLithium coin rangeCR2032, CR2025, CR20163See datasheetsLithium Manganese Dioxide>Spec >SafetyCR2032CR2025CR2016
DuracellHearing aid rangeEasytab, 675, 3121.4See datasheetsZinc Air>Spec >SafetyEasytab675312
DuracellSilver oxideD357, SR441.55See datasheetSilver Oxide>Spec >SafetyD357SR44
GP BatteriesLithium coin rangeCRxxxx3See datasheetsLithium Manganese Dioxide>MoreCRxxxx
GP BatteriesAlkaline button rangeLR44, GPA76, PX625A1.5See datasheetsAlkalineLR44GPA76PX625A
EVELiMnO2 Coin CellsCRxxxx3See datasheetsLithium Manganese Dioxide>SpecCRxxxx
DuracellPrecharged AAAA, HR61.22400Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyAAHR6
DuracellPrecharged AAAAAA, HR031.2850Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyAAAHR03
DuracellHR14C, HR141.23000Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyCHR14
DuracellHR20D, HR201.23000Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyDHR20
DuracellHR9V9V, HR9V, HR228.4170Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >Safety9VHR9VHR22
EnergizerPowerplus AAAA, HR61.22000Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyAAHR6
EnergizerPowerplus AAAAAA, HR031.2700Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyAAAHR03
EnergizerPowerplus CC, HR141.22500Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyCHR14
EnergizerPowerplus DD, HR201.22500Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyDHR20
EnergizerPowerplus 9V9V, HR228.4175Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >Safety9VHR22
EnergizerExtreme AAAA, HR61.22300Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyAAHR6
EnergizerExtreme AAAAAA, HR031.2800Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>Spec >SafetyAAAHR03
Varta4706 MaxtechAA, LR6, 47061.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAALR64706
Varta4703 MaxtechAAA, LR03, 47031.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyAAALR034703
GP BatteriesPrecharged rechargeable batteries, Long cycle lifeHRxx1.2200 - 5700mAhNickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)>MoreHRxx
EnergizerMAX AALR6, AA1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR6AA
EnergizerMAX AAALR03, AAA1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR03AAA
EnergizerMAX CLR14, C1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR14C
EnergizerMAX DLR20, D1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR20D
EnergizerMAX 9V6LR61, 9V9VSee datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety6LR619V
EnergizerAA Max PlusLR6, AA1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR6AA
EnergizerAAA Max PlusLR03, AAA1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR03AAA
EnergizerC Max PlusLR14, C1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR14C
EnergizerD Max PlusLR20, D1.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >SafetyLR20D
Energizer9V Max Plus6LR61, 9V9VSee datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety6LR619V
VIProVIPro LR6AA, LR6, ID15001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreAALR6ID1500
VIProVIPro LR03AAA, LR03, ID24001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreAAALR03ID2400
VIProVIPro LR14C, LR14, ID14001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreCLR14ID1400
VIProVIPro LR20D, LR20, ID13001.5See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >MoreDLR20ID1300
VIProVIPro 6LR619V, 6LR61, ID16049See datasheetAlkaline>Spec >Safety >More9V6LR61ID1604

Battery size guide

ANSI SizesIEC CodeOtherExample Uses
AALR6MN1500Meters, pumps, security locks, remote controls
AAALR03MN2400Pagers, penlights, remote controls
CLR14MN1400Torches, instruments
DLR20MN1300Torches, instruments
9V6LR61, 6LP3146, 6LF22MN1604Smoke detectors