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Perhaps the best known manufacturer and brand of consumer wholesale batteries worldwide. Duracell is the leading brand in the consumer market and, under the Procell brand, has for many years been the leading supplier of industrial batteries in the UK.

Duracell products include:

  • New improved Duracell Ultra Power and Plus Power consumer batteries
  • New Industrial by Duracelll batteries
  • New Duracell Precharged rechargeable batteries - stay charged longer, recharge less
  • Lithium (manganese dioxide) photo and coin cells
  • Speciality akaline batteries and button cells
  • Silver oxide button cells
  • Zinc air cells

Duracell Website

Spotlight on Industrial by Duracell

Industrial by Duracell has replaced Procell as Duracell's industrial and commercial brand - formulated, packaged and labelled to meet the needs of business to business markets.

  • All the performance and quality expected of Duracell batteries
  • Packaged in reclosable boxes of 10 to suit commercial users
  • Top brand in the UK business to business market
  • Industrial by Duracell - reliable energy for Professionals

New Duracell Ultra Power AA

Duracell's high power alkaline battery just got better.

  • New improved AA
  • The longest lasting alkaline
  • Now with Duralock - 10 year power preserve
  • Includes on-cell tester - don't throw away usable batteries
  • Ideal for high drain, high tech or critical devices