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Energizer is one of the world's leading manufacturers of batteries and torches with a reputation for leading edge performance and innovation. They are the market leader for rechargeable batteries and torches in the UK.

Energizer products include:

  • HighTech high power alkaline batteries, with PowerBoost
  • Ultra+ general purpose alkaline batteries, with PowerSeal
  • Industrial alkaline batteries with PowerSeal Technology
  • Lithium manganese dioxide photo batteries
  • Zinc chloride/carbon batteries
  • NiMH rechargeable batteries including pre-charged Extreme and Precision
  • Professional torches
  • Specialist alkaline batteries
  • Silver oxide batteries

Energizer Website

Ultimate Lithium

Energizer industrial batteries offer a unique lithium battery with the following advantages:

  • Direct Compatibility - can be used in any application using primary 1.5 volt battery types AA and AAA
  • Longer service than other primary battery types, especially in moderate to heavy drain applications
  • Now up to 11x longer lasting than standard alkaline in digital cameras
  • Even greater service advantage over other primary battery types at low temperatures. Works at low temperature extremes where other types will not
  • Higher operating voltage and flatter discharge curve than other primary battery types
  • Superior leakage resistance compared to other primary battery types
  • Excellent performance even after 15 year storage at ambient conditions
  • Considerably lighter than other battery types
  • Good service maintenance after high temperature storage