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Yuasa is the leading supplier of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) / Sealed Lead Acid batteries in the UK.

Yuasa battery products include:

  • A wide range of VRLA batteries optimised for:
    • Standby applications (NP range)
    • Cyclic applications (NPC and REC ranges)
    • Enhanced life (NPL and Endurance Ranges)
    • High current (SWL)
    • Deep discharge (REC and Pro-Spec)
  • NiCd and NiMH batteries and memory packs

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REC - deep cycle cyclic batteries

New from Yuasa, REC batteries for cyclic applications (repeated deep discharge). The low maintenance and valve regulated construction combine with heavy duty plates and unique separator systems to make REC cyclic capability twice as long as conventional systems.

  • Higher capacity in same footprint
  • Double the cycle life
  • Durability under deep discharge
  • Minimal self discharge

Ideal for applications such as: wheelchairs, scooters, lawn mowers, golf trolleys, lights and instruments, solar, electric tools, pumps, automatic guided vehicles and mobility aids.