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A leading supplier of industrial and consumer batteries worldwide, especially in the US and Germany, with a reputation for performance.

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Varta batteries products include: Varta Consumer Batteries

  • Longlife high power alkaline batteries
  • Longlife Power, Longlife Max Power and Industrial alkaline batteries
  • Varta Superlife zinc chloride batteries
  • Ready to Use rechargeable batteries
  • Professional lithium, photo and coin cells
  • Specialist alkaline and silver oxide batteries
  • Zinc air batteries
  • Indestructible torches
  • Portable power

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Varta single use batteries

Varta alkaline batteries are well known and respected in the UK and make an ideal option either to resell or to use.

Their reputation for technology, performance and quality mean they are the brand that you or your customers can rely on.

The range is structured to meet the needs of different usage:

  • High drain, digital devices - Professional Lithium or Longlife Power
  • Power hungry, constant usage e.g electronic door lock - Longlife Max Power
  • Low drain, constant usage e.g pulse oximeter - Longlife
  • High reliability industrial and commercial usage - Industrial

Varta Ready-to-Use Rechargeable Batteries

Varta provides the widest range of ready-to-use rechargeable batteries available.

This technology offers the benefits of:

  • The batteries are ready to use straight from the pack
  • They stay charged for over a year when not in use
  • Higher cycle life
  • Lower self discharge
  • AA capacities ranging from 1600 to 2600 mAh
  • No special chargers required

They are the ideal combination of single use batteries and old style rechargeables.

Varta Indestructible Torches

Varta now supply the ulitimate range of indestructible torches and headlights for professional usage:

  • Tough metal and engineering plastic / rubber casing
  • Survive 9m drop test
  • Survive 8 ton roll over test
  • High brightness CREE LED technology with energy saving mode
  • Range of sizes and formats to suit different usage

Varta Portable Power

Chargers appropriate for any available battery type and capacity:

  • Compact, convenient units for standard sized cells
  • Smart chargers (with end of charge detection)
  • Safe, intelligent chargers for lithium ion and lithium polymer packs
  • Battery manufacturers' own 'matched' chargers
  • Chargers for lead acid batteries
  • Custom chargers designed to suit your own special requirements